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Baby! Where you been tonight?
I've been lookin' eveywhere for ya
you weren't in the kitchen all night
I thought you might be doin' laundry
but then you cam stumblin' home from Bitch Street

Oooh down on Bitch Street

Baby! Where's my dinner been?
I think it's still in the freezer!
Why don't you pop it in?
The oven ain't the only thing that's gone cold around here
Ever since you've spending your nights on Bitch Street.

Oooh down on Bitch Street

Baby, baby, baby, baby! Who's this 'Martin' guy?
He's keeps callin' here for ya.
Last time he started to cry.
I think we should get our own cell phones
Or better yet, you can use the payphone up on Clark and Bitch Street.

Baby! You smell like ass and whiskey! Again!
You were supposed to just go to the Red Box for a movie, well here's a cardboard box, pack all your dumbass shit and move to goddamned motherfuckin' Bitch Street!

Down On Bitch Street

That's where you're going to
That's where you're gonna move
That's where you'll stay
Does it look like I'm jokin'?
...like I'm jokin'?

(Goodbye Bitch Street)
You've lost your mind
And I'm doin' time here on Bitch Street, yeah
You've lost your mind
and I'm doin' time here, yeah
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Get on down to Bitch Street, yeah!
(take me on down)
Get on down to Bitch Street, yeah!
(I wanna go down)
Get on down to Bitch Street, yeah!
(I wanna go down)


from The Eagle's Greatest Hits, released May 20, 2011



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The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs Phoenix

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